We answer questions that members ask us the most often.We hope you find what you’re looking for but if you don’t do feel free to get in touch with us and ask us directly.

1. Which cities do you cover?

At this point we have coverage in Singapore and across the UK in major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and more. We are growing fast and adding more locations all the time. You can be part of this journey to help us get faster coverage by submitting new restaurant records and earning points each time you do so.

2. Are you a halal certifier?

Definitely not. There are established associations and certifying bodies in each country and we list the outlets that are registered and certified by those certifying bodies as well as those serve halal options and for some reason are not certified. For example, they are new and awaiting certification or they are Muslim owned or even instances where the outlet is completely vegetarian / has halal ingredients but has not applied for certification. We are exercising a good deal of care when we collect the information but we always ask that you verify yourself for your own peace of mind.

3. What do the different halal indicator icons mean?

We recognize that there is a spectrum of halal options available and to make it easy to navigate our site, we have added handy icons that you can use at a glance.

  • Halal Certified: The restaurant has obtained certification from a recognized halal certifying body.
  • Muslim Owned: Muslim owned with verbal assurance of halal status.
  • Halal Kitchen: Verbal assurance of halal food ingredients used, restaurant may be awaiting halal certification, Muslim owned or just use halal meat supply to cater for Muslims.
  • Halal Friendly: Some halal options available but also serves non-halal food items
  • No Alcohol Served
  • Alcohol Served
  • Seafood: Seafood specialist with no or marked usage of non halal ingredients in preparation e.g. beer battered cod.
  • Vegetarian: Vegetarian or vegan and no or marked usage of non halal ingredients in preparation e.g. rum and raisin ice cream.

4. Why do you list restaurants that serve alcohol?

As we are a global app, there are many locations where availability of halal options is limited and a lot of restaurants who do use halal meat either partially or exclusively may also serve alcohol. We do make every effort to indicate when a restaurant does serve alcohol so if you do not want to see these results appear in your search results, please use the filter No Alcohol Served to bring up records that suit your needs.
If you have any other questions, please write to us on hello@halaldiningclub.com

5. I own a restaurant, how can I get it listed?

One of our team members would be delighted to assist you.Simply drop us a line on hello@halaldiningclub.com and one of us will be in touch to see how we can send more customers your way.